2013-2015 Undergraduate Catalog

ART 400 Contemporary Methods in Art Education

Explores studio materials, art-making processes, and modes of thought from a culturally diverse perspective and current methods regarding studio art instruction in the fields of elementary and secondary education. Exploring their personal artwork, students introduced in role of art teacher as facilitator, guide, and mentor, plus the various instructional strategies and models currently employed for success in the field. Besides exploring a cross section of contemporary art-making processes, students will analyze how they create in order to allow others to understand that process. Students will gain competency in lesson planning, organization, classroom management and assessment. Student emerges with a clearer understanding of the relationship between ideas, process, critique, and the vital role of the studio teacher. Consists of classroom lecture/presentation and intense studio activity. Includes an early field experience, designing, and implementing a studio art project with elementary-age students at the campus laboratory school. All artworks, projects, and experiences will culminate in critique and evaluation.