2013-2015 Undergraduate Catalog

ART 435 Computer Design VI

Sixth-level course taught on the Macintosh computer. Examines the book as a physical artifact, as the material embodiment of text and visual imaging. Topics include the transitions between hand production and mechanical production, methods of bookmaking, printers and publishers, letter forms and typography, paper, page formats and layouts, illustrations, bindings, and the purpose of the book with special emphasis on the relationships between meaning and physical form and the complex conventions of the book. The art of typographic design, calligraphy, book and portfolio design, papermaking, and bookmaking skills following both traditional and nontraditional techniques are covered. Using page composition and illustration/painting/digital photography techniques learned in Computer Design I, II, and III, students enlarge and enhance their knowledge of typography and how to use it in book design. They will use their computer illustration, painting and digital photographic skills to add visuals into the composite book. Elements and principles of design, working between software programs, the use of a color scanning device and digital camera capturing devices will be covered. Content includes techniques directed at creating visually and thematically strong and unique artist's portfolios and books. Prerequisite: ART 217.