2013-2015 Undergraduate Catalog

MAT 117 Applied Statistics

A first course in the concepts and methods of statistics with illustrations from across the humanities and the social, behavioral, and biological sciences. Emphasis on inferential methods and interpretation of statistical results provided. Specific topics include numerical and graphical descriptions of data, random sampling methods, probability and sampling distributions, correlation and linear regression, and inference methods such as confidence intervals and hypothesis tests for means and proportions (one and two sample), chi-squared test, ANOVA, and common non-parametric techniques. A graphing calculator with statistical capabilities (such as TI-83+) is required. Recommended as general education statistics course for students majoring in social and life sciences, but not limited to students in those majors. Not open to students who have passed SCM 200 or MAT 313; or math majors. Prerequisites: MAT 050 or math placement level 2 or above.