2013-2015 Undergraduate Catalog

TCH 342 Teaching Middle Level Mathematics

Covers the practical as well as the theoretical concepts of teaching middle level mathematics in grades 4-8. Planning, instruction, assessment and interventions will be aligned with the standards for PA Curriculum, the standards advocated by National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and the National Middle School Association (NMSA). Planning curriculum, practicing instruction, planning assessments and interventions that are connected to local, state, and national standards will be done. The relevance of mathematics for middle level students will be attained by connecting the math curriculum to students? ideas, interests, and real life experiences while also connecting the various curriculum content areas within the field of mathematics. Integration of technology, appropriate and varied assessment techniques, strategies for intervention of unsuccessful students, record keeping, and parent communication related to the subject content and student progress will be discussed. Field hours required (two days per week and full time for three successive weeks. Prerequisite: acceptance into Professional Seminar Semester.