2013-2015 Undergraduate Catalog

TCH 348 Teaching Middle Level Social Studies

Social Studies in 4-8 grades is an integrated field of social sciences which encompasses geography, history, civics/government, economics, and other social science areas to prepare students with knowledge, skills, values, and citizenship in a democracy. It explores social studies' teaching goals, content, strategies and assessments as they are aligned with PA Geography, History, Economics, and Civic and Government Standards (PA Curriculum), National Council of Social Studies Standards (NCSS), National Education Technology Standards (NETS), Shippensburg University's Conceptual Framework Standards for Those Preparing to Teach, Lead and Counsel (PA-SUCOE-CF), and the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC) Standards. It surveys contemporary and traditional social studies teaching methods and emphasizes strategies that are appropriate for teaching 4-8 graders in the information age. Among teaching and assessment strategies explored are technology integration, interventions for students with special needs, data based analyses, portfolio assessment, and effective communications among stake holders. This course requires a 5-week field experience with 2 days each week at the beginning and 3 successive weeks at the end. Prerequisites: Acceptance into Professional Semester, completion of appropriate Praxis exams, and all social studies general education courses completed.