2013-2015 Undergraduate Catalog

WST 300 Seminar in Women's Studies

Integrates each student's special interests within the interdisciplinary Women's Studies Minor. Provides a sequenced set of opportunities for upper-level students to demonstrate their ability to critique, compare and connect what they have studied while pursuing the Women's Studies Minor. Students encouraged to interrelate their lives and major field of study with what they have learned in Women's Studies. Students encouraged to take cross-cultural approaches to women's issues. Will examine feminist theory, its creation and operation, and especially the influence on feminism of (and its influence on) postmodern concepts of knowledge as situated (dependent on time, place and the thinker) and as mediated (dependent for expression on language). Through reading and writing on a variety of works, we will consider women's issues, women's lives and our own lives. Students have opportunity for creative representation (i.e. writing a story, making a film, designing an art project, etc.). Students may also do a project involving community service. Prerequisites: WST 100 plus 6 elective hours in Women's Studies or permission of the instructor.