2014-2016 Graduate Catalog

John L. Grove College of Business

John G. Kooti, Ph.D., Dean, John L. Grove College of Business (717) 477-1435

Anthony Winter, D.Ed., Associate Dean, John L. Grove College of Business (717) 477-1620

Robert Stephens, Ph.D., MBA Director (717) 477-1684

Justin English, Director of Business Internships and MBA Recruiting (717) 477-1351

Joseph Beck, Ph.D., Management

Wendy Becker, Ph.D., Management

Sarah Bryant, Ph.D., Finance

Jerry Carbo, Ph.D., Management

Joseph Catanio, Ph.D., Management Information Systems

Sunhee "Sunny" Choi, Ph.D., Marketing

Michael Coolsen, Ph.D., Marketing

Azim Danesh, Ph.D., Management Information Systems

Viet Dao, Ph.D., Management Information Systems

Nathan Goates, Ph.D., Management

Louise Hatfield, Ph.D., Management

Irma Hunt, Ph.D., Information Technology for Business Education

Ian Langella, Ph.D., Supply Chain Management

James Mackie, Ph.D., Accounting

Shelley Morrisette, Ph.D., Management

Robert Neidigh, Ph.D., Supply Chain Management

William Oberman, Ph.D., Management

Hong Rim, Ph.D., Finance

Robert Setaputra, Ph.D., Supply Chain Management

Robert Stephens, Ph.D., Management

Ronald Taylor, Ph.D., Marketing

Vicki Taylor, Ph.D., Human Resource Management

Joanne Tucker, Ph.D., Supply Chain Management

Allison Watts, Ph.D., Management

Brian Wentz, Ph.D., Management Information Systems